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MCC Tarım has been operating in the field of fertilizer production since 2017. It produces domestic NPK fertilizers in Antalya province of Turkey on an area of 2.000 m2 with the latest technology machinery and equipment.

We have registrations for 32 different products by our Ministry of Agriculture. It carries out production, sales, and marketing activities for these products.
Specializing in special products, soil conditioners and plant nutrition in Antalya, it sells fertilizers for agricultural production with regional representatives in the Mediterranean Region, Antalya and its districts, Mersin and Adana, Edirne İpsala in the Marmara Region, İzmir and its surroundings in the Aegean Region. In addition, the products in question are exported to Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

New product development studies continue with experienced Agricultural Engineers and academic advisors from the university. Agricultural Engineers, who are experts in the promotion of our products, are always with our dealers and manufacturers with pre-sales and after-sales technical support services as well as sales service. All our products you have requested are shipped quickly and safely with logistics companies that make professional distribution in Turkey.

It continues to serve in the local and international market by establishing R&D, Quality control, sales, and logistics departments in cooperation with strategic partners and institutes. In this context, first steps were taken to export to Kazakhstan Shymkent and Russian Federation Kazan.

Our goal is to become a worldwide brand by raising our awareness among exporting companies as a domestic NPK fertilizer producer.